About The Author

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist (painter). Then I considered fashion designing because I thought I was pretty good at sewing clothes for dolls. When I discovered the fun ways of digital art, I told myself that I would just become a graphics artist/web designer. But then I was like, “Oh, wait, this field is too darn competitive, and I’m not that great. I’ll just get a degree in Computer/Business Information Systems Analysis.” Don’t ask me to explain what that course entails. 

While I did all that computer stuff in college, I wasn’t doing much artistically, except for writing before bed. And for a long time, it was like that, just writing and locking my stories away. Then one night, I stumbled upon Createspace and thought, ‘hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I could actually hold the book I wrote in my hand?’

At that time, I knew nothing about self-publishing aside from the little knowledge I picked up assisting other authors on my book blog. When I released my first novel, Unresisting, it was an exciting experience. I was like a kid on Christmas waiting for the print copy. Silly me, I bypassed a lot of steps in producing a quality book, so of course, I ended up having to pull it and re-write several times before properly editing.

Well, almost three years later, I’m still on this writing journey, trying to improve as I go. I take it more seriously now. It is something I do full-time, and I honestly feel as if this is the right career path for me, finally.

The short bio:

Shane Morgan is the indie author of sweet romance with sprinkles of suspense and fantasy.
Aside from writing, she enjoys watching movies and delving into various genres of music.
As a lover of the creative arts in every sense, her heart feels like it’s on fire when she’s creatively free and will never confine herself in a box.
Shane grew up on the beautiful island of Jamaica and now lives in Rhode Island with her husband.

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