Watch Over Me (Guardians #1)

Release date: March 30th 2020

Series: Guardians #1

Genre: Adult romantic fantasy

Purchase: Amazon



Calissa Stewart has sought answers her whole life. Then one night, something unimaginable happens.She couldn’t believe that right before her eyes, stood the kind of creatures you only read about in books.
A monster attempts to take her, hurting her in the process. But the mighty and alluring guardian, Lars, swoops in to rescue her.

Calissa becomes tainted and is told she would turn into a dark one. When that doesn’t happen, and she wakes to find her body healed, and the creatures gone, she dismisses the events to that of a strange dream. But sadly, nightmares have a way of coming true, and Calissa is yet again the target of the same frightening monsters.

To keep her safe, Lars ignores his laws and brings her to his world, opening her eyes to a magical kingdom filled with beauty and wonder.

In time, Calissa learns the truth of her existence, and her importance to the monsters. Amid this incredible awakening, she develops an admiration for the otherworldly beings and even starts to find love that is not only forbidden, but is truly one of a kind.

When her newfound sanctuary is threatened, Calissa must decide whether to stay for her love for the kingdom and Lars, or accept her birthright and protect them all.


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