Deadly Betrayals

Risks & Betrayals Duet #2

Romantic Suspense

Goodreads | Amazon


An unexpected discovery leads to new revelations.

Trisha’s life had already changed before she saved a stranger from a bullet. Their connection began the instant their eyes and lips locked. Her feelings have since intensified, along with her desire to help. But nothing prepared her for what would happen on a risky quest for the truth, much less how deep the sinister scheme ran.

Alexander is still in danger and is nowhere close to solving the mystery. The one person his heart is certain of is Trisha. Losing her unleashed the kind of dread he’s never felt before. But he also never anticipated it would give clarity to a painful misunderstanding.

Fear grows as their relationship strengthens. Still, no matter what, Xander and Trisha will fight together, and more than anything, fight for each other.

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