Risky Encounters

Risky Encounters Duet #1

Release Date: February 9th 2021

Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle format

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One unforgettable night forges a connection steeped in passion and danger.

It started as a dare that led to a steamy kiss.
Trisha Hartman never expected to end her birthday night-out throwing herself in the path of a bullet to save a man she doesn’t even know.

Alexander Westerfield is blown away by a fiery moment with a beautiful stranger. Considering she hurried off right after, he convinced himself the woman had no further interest. Then she does something quite heroic that causes him to desire her more.

The chance of a romance proves to be difficult when threats arise at every turn, and exposing the culprit behind the plot seems impossible. But after several attempts on Xander’s life, doubts start to set in, and he wonders if he may have placed his trust in the wrong person.

Note: This is part of a duet and does have a cliffhanger.

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