File Two: No Harm In Looking

Taken from: The Stone Files

Tony Troubles was a twenty-seven year old who enjoyed looking at beautiful women. Often times they would feel uncomfortable and tell him to stop staring so creepily, but Tony would always smile and say, “No harm in looking.” He didn’t really care about how he portrayed himself. To the women of Cold Stone, he was a pervert, but Tony didn’t seem to mind at all.

He worked as a shop assistant at McGregor’s department store, using the opportunity to sneak-a-peek at the women that came in and out.

Tony lived alone; he cooked and cleaned for himself. He was lonely. During the days, he spent his lunch breaks at the Lafaye` Coffee Shop, and his nights at Jimmy’s Bar & Lounge. He was on the prowl, looking for a beautiful woman to call his own.

One night after Tony was leaving Jimmy’s bar tipsy and dazed, he ran into a killer. That’s what they called a woman who was drop-dead gorgeous. She had blood red lips, long blonde hair, and an hour glass figure.

“Hello,” she said softly, with a voice like an angel. “You don’t look so good. Would you like some tea?” she asked. Tony was confused. He had never been approached by such a beauty before; much less had one spoken to him so kindly. He had to accept the offer. She took his hand and led him through a short cut that led to Cold Stone Lake. Tony was drunk but still he asked questions, “Where are we going? Do you live around here? By the way, what’s your name?”

She glanced back at him and smiled, “Cookie Penniless, that’s my name. Just call me Cookie. I live by the lake.” She brought him to a dark and eerie house that could hardly be seen through the mist hovering over the lake. Tony had never seen a house by the lake before. Then again, he hadn’t been swimming for a long time.

“Come in and have a seat. I’ll boil some water while you just relax,” she said. Cookie seemed so friendly and sweet. Tony was fascinated. He browsed around her house while she was in the kitchen.

Her living room had expensive leather sofa; it was not expected from a house by a lake. There was a fragrance in the air that Tony had never smelled before, like roses. Her rugs were as smooth as the skin of a bear. He noticed she had picture frames and portraits only of herself. He found it a little odd.

“Tea’s ready!” she said.

“Umm…Miss Cookie, I notice you live alone out here, but aren’t you scared?” Tony asked.

“Just call me Cookie, and why would I be afraid? I have you Tony,” she replied.

“But, when did I tell you my name? I don’t remember ever mentioning it,” Tony said, in a troubled manner. It was then that Miss Cookie started to reveal her secret.

“It’s because I’ve been watching you for a long time, Tony. I know that you spy on your neighbor while she’s in the shower. Hmmm…I also know how you like to watch the legs of your customers.”

Tony was amazed. His hands shivered. He wondered how she could possibly know all of that. Then she said while rubbing the handle of her tea cup, “What’s wrong? Is it because I’ve been watching you the way you’ve been watching them?”

As she rose up from her chair, Tony noticed she kept her head faced down. He became confused and frightened. He asked, “Are you alright, Miss Cookie?”

In a horrific voice, she answered, “Why so troubled?” She slowly raised her head to show her face. When uncovered by her hair, it was completely messed up; as if it had been eaten away by one hundred maggots.

“Ahhh!” he screamed, falling from the chair. Tony hurriedly backed away towards the door. She slowly walked towards him, laughing freakishly.

Then with great monstrosity, Miss Cookie screamed, “Don’t be scared, there’s no harm in looking, Tonyyyyyy!”

He was out the door. Running for his life as fast as his legs could carry him. Tony didn’t even look behind to see if the monster was following. He ran all the way to the Cold Stone Police station, where he tried to convey his distress, “A…A…A…Mo…Mo…Mo…Mo…Monster!” Then he fainted.

Tony woke up the next morning in the hospital. Doctors said he suffered from severe stress and needed to rest more. He was silent. Tony was shocked by what he saw the night before. When asked by the police what scared him so much? He dared not speak of it.

After that, Tony was different. He didn’t enjoy watching beautiful women as he used to. He didn’t sneak-a-peek at their legs in McGregor’s Department Store, and he didn’t go to Jimmy’s Bar at nights anymore. He completely changed. His co-worker, Lizzy Knowitall, was a little worried. “Hey, Tony, you seem strange lately. Not like your usual perverted self,” she laughed. “You don’t even look me in the eyes anymore. Did anything happen?” she asked.

Tony replied, “Nothing’s wrong. What could be wrong? I’ve just realized that I should stop making women feel uncomfortable by staring so much at them, that’s all.”

But then he freaked when Lizzy said in the freakish voice he heard that night, “Well, don’t be so worried about it, Tony. I mean, there’s no harm in looking, right?”

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