The Right Song Teaser…

The crowd goes wild after the MC announces my name. They begin to sing the lyrics to the song that started it all. The music rises in the background—my cue to take the stage—but before stepping into the spotlight, I glance behind one last time, looking at the guy that helped me reach this point. He smiles, then nods approvingly for me to go for it.

A bold feeling wash over me as I let go of his hand; slipping out of the safety within his touch and in front of the many eager faces waiting to hear me sing. I clasp my hands around the microphone, press my eyes shut, and take in a deep breath. I never imagined I’d be where I am now. After all, I almost let the opportunity pass by.

As the electrifying guitar riffs kicks in, accompanied by the haunting melodies of the keyboard, I part my lips and the words immediately flow out. Relief settles in as I finally open my eyes to glance over the crowd. They’re singing along with me. 

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