An excerpt from “Chasing Bristol”

The book is coming along. So I wanted to share a little with you while I wrap up the story.

Unedited Excerpt –

My eyes blurred; my vision faded in and out. My head hammered even more. I stiffened at the click of the door as someone opened it and entered the condo.

“Dad?” I groaned. “Something’s… not… right…” My words were stretched. I sounded like someone on drugs.

No one answered anyway. I started to panic, breathing heavy with fear.

I strained to make out the dark figure coming towards me but it was too hard with the fuzziness in my eyes.

“Who’s… there?” I whimpered. “Please…”

Putting my weight on the arm of the couch again, I tried to stand up. I lost my balance and was about to fall when the dark figure caught me at the waist.

The strong, leathery scent of his masculine cologne burned my nose when he picked me up against his chest and carried me away. I was unable to fight. The last thing I saw was the half empty water bottle before my eyes closed against my will. And the last thing I felt were rugged hands slithering up and down my thighs and soft thin lips brushing against mine before I was taken over by a deep sleep.

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