Excerpt from “Chasing Bristol”

Coming April 20th Buy link > Amazon Pulling up outside the white, Cape Cod-style rental, I shut off the car and flung the door open. I ran up the steps to the front door and knocked. “Amber!” I tried the knob. It wasn’t locked. I opened the door and hurried inside, calling out again, “Amber!” My … Continue reading Excerpt from “Chasing Bristol”

How about a cover reveal?

What do you think? I've worked so hard on this one. Not sure I'm completely okay with it yet... Here's the synopsis via GOODREADS: Reign is convinced she’ll spend the rest of her life with Nate. That’s until He walked into her Mom’s restaurant looking for work. Everyone says Nate is the right one for … Continue reading How about a cover reveal?

“Finding Narragansett” Excerpt

A scene from Chapter 23 I rolled over and looked at the clock on the table next to my bed. It was a little past midnight. Getting up, I walked over and closed the sliding doors to the balcony. The noises continued. It sounded like someone was shuffling about in the living room. It couldn’t … Continue reading “Finding Narragansett” Excerpt